The inaugural Big Mountain Short Film Festival is being held in Ohakune, a ski resort town halfway between Auckland and Wellington at the base of Mount Ruapehu on the North Island of New Zealand.

The festival itself will be held at the Ohakune Cinema, the oldest cinema in New Zealand still operated by members of its founding family. A 230-seat cinema on Goldfinch Street in the heart of town, it's where all the action will be in October!


Ohakune is easily accessible by car, bus, or train, with plenty of quality accommodation for visitors of every budget.

By car, Ohakune is approximately 4-1/2 hours from Auckland and 3-1/2 hours from Wellington.

Bus and train services also travel from the major city centres to Ohakune daily.


As the Big Mountain Short Film Festival is at the close of the ski season, most ski traffic will already be finished, so accommodation should be available for visitors of the festival.

To make your accommodation bookings, visit the accomodation page on the Ohakune.info website, or try our friends at RUAPEHU CHALET RENTALS.

More information can be found by searching "Ohakune Accommodation" on any of the major search engines.